Fat injection

Skin looks beautiful & youthful only when it is wrinkle free with even contour (without surface irregularities). Loss of fat leads to un-esthetic appearance of skin.

Aging causes loss of fat underneath skin, leading to formation of deep creases & wrinkles. This is most noticeable on face & hands. Sometimes, traumatic event / infection may lead to loss of fat under skin leading to depressed skin in particular area. Sometimes, fat may be deficient in a particular area of body (mostly face) by development face looks less attractive.

Fat injection or fat grafting is standard & most advisable procedure for this. This leads to transfer of viable Purified Stem Cells. It gives fantastic contour to Hollow cheeks, depressed temples, Small Sized Breasts, Post injury skin depressions, Aging Face- Hands, & Buttocks (Brazilian butt lift)

Fat can be harvested for injection from abdomen, thigh or buttock through a 1 mm sized key hole incision with help of fine metal cannulas and the same is injected to deficient area with help of very fine cannulas. Harvested far is being purified by centrifugation before injection.

You can return to work on same or next day. Post operatively, around 20-30 % fat gets absorbed in body and remaining fat survives permanently at the site.