Myths about plastic surgery

  • Fat reaccumulates after liposuction so getting done is useless


    Number of fat cells remain constant throughout adult life. Liposuction reduces num ber of fat cells permanently from operated areas of body. Although, fat cells can increase in size, if healthy lifestyle with dieting & exercise not maintained, which is very essential after liposuction.

    Moreover, as most prone body areas are exhausted of adipocytes after liposuction, fat deposits occur symmetrically all over body.

  • Liposuction is a procedure for weight loss


    Liposuction is totally different from typical obesity / bariatric surgery, which is performed on intestine to reduce absorption of fat. Liposuction although leads to some loss of fat, but instead meant for body contouring and not for weight loss.

    If lifestyle modifications are not followed / practiced after liposuction surgery, fat deposition again may start.

    It cannot replace healthy lifestyle – dieting & regular exercise which are very essential to maintain results achieved with liposuction

  • Hair achieved by Hair transplantation doesn’t look natural and falls off gradually


    With currently used techniques of hair transplantation (FUE & FUT – micro follicular transfer) results achieved looks absolutely natural and you may not be able to make out which hairs are natural and which are transplanted ones.

    Moreover, results obtained lasts for years if maintained properly. If not taken care of, they may start falling gradually.

  • Cosmetic surgeries are absolutely scar free and no scar left behind.


    Scar is a physiological end result of any skin healing. So, it is unavoidable after any surgery or injury on skin. But incisions in cosmetic surgeries are placed strategically at such location that they are hardly visible. Moreover, suturing is done with technique which leaves behind minimum scar marks. You should ask cosmetic surgeon before any surgery about scars the surgery will leave on your body.

  • Dieting & exercise can reduce any kind of extra fat from body.


    Not true. As some portion of body fat (like tummy, thigh, buttock, back, arms etc.) doesn’t disappear even after best dieting & regular exercise. Enlargement of breasts is also resistant to these measures, as most of it is formed of glands. These can be reduced only surgically.

  • Cosmetic surgeries are too expensive:


    Getting some service is different than purchasing a product. Cosmetic surgery services are based on skills, which varies person to person. You may realize difference in rates of a surgery among different surgeons. While going to a dinner, you choose restaurant not only based upon rates, but also based upon quality. So you should expect best quality of services and not cheapest rates.

    Moreover, cosmetic surgeries are most affordable in India compared to anywhere in world with best services in terms of results. This is a reason why a large number of medical tourists come to India for cosmetic surgeries treatments from all over the world.

    Obviously, you should choose a board certified / qualified surgeon who has got aesthetic sense about body parts.

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