FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this technique, an appropriate sized strip of skin containing hairs with intact roots is harvested from back and side of head and resulting area is closed carefully by meticulous Plastic surgery suturing under magnification to give least conspicuous scar in this area. Individual grafts (follicular units) are being separated from this strip of skin under magnification and implanted in same way as FUE inside micro slits.

We use Carl Zeiss 4x magnification loupes in harvesting skin strip to avoid damage to follicles at donor site and to make suturing meticulous.

Another important thing to give best result is to reduce ischemia time (time during which hair roots remain outside body-before implantation). We make micro slits on recipient area before harvesting strip, which increase survival of hair more than any other technique.


More number of follicles can be harvested in a single session (reason as described above, less number of follicle get transected while harvest and a team of trained technicians separate follicles under magnified vision). We do transplant of up to 3500 follicles in a single session to give maximum density in your head.

More number of hairs grows out of transplanted follicles, as; transaction is far less than FUE.

All the transplanted hairs are from “safe permanent zone” of your hairs, so stays on your head for years.


Impart a scar on back of your head (which may be visible if you are fond of keeping hairstyle with complete shaved hairs or very small 1-2 mm trimming of hairs on back.)

It has been frequently blamed as painful technique, but you can get reviews from our FUT Transplant Patients that we are making it absolutely painless procedure.

After Procedure

We will prescribe medicines to make you pain free and also to prevent any infection after transplantation. (You can contact our surgeons anytime in case of any problem)

You have to take care of newly transplanted hairs- avoid any friction or shearing at treated area. We will give you a cap to wear on head for protection from dust.

You can start your routine activity on very next day including office work. You should avoid stressful activity, prolonged sun exposure and exercise for 15 days.

You can start washing your hairs 2 day after procedure as explained to you. You should start application of hair nourishing solutions as per advice of our hair transplant surgeon.

All your transplanted hairs in recipient area will fall off gradually (in couple of weeks) and the roots placed inside skin will stick in. New hairs will start growing out of these roots after 3-4 month. They typically remains very scarce initially. But don’t worry about density of growing hair at this point ! They increase in density gradually taking 10-12 months to achieve maximum. After that, they grow naturally throughout life and behave in same manner as they were programmed to behave at their original place (Donor Site).