Brow Lifting

Previously, we didn’t have any other option for lifting brow other then surgery. Method used to surgically lift brows was called coronal brow lift. For that procedure an incision is made in the hair line, and the forehead is pulled backwards to lift the brows. This procedure is now performed via keyhole surgery (endoscopic brow lift). It is now possible to lift the brows and beautify the eye area non-surgically.

How we can achieve a brow lift or shape brows non-surgically?

  • Using anti-wrinkle injections, it is possible to relax certain muscles around the eyes to help create an overall lift in the eyebrows. There are certain muscles that hold the eyebrows down, specially the muscle which is surrounding the eye, known as “orbicularis oculi”. By carefully injecting anti-wrinkle injections into these muscles,we can release eyebrows from this downward pull, and the forehead muscles (frontalis muscle) are left to lift the eyebrows up without being antagonised. This method can cause few millimetres in eyebrow height.
  • Another process for lifting the eyebrows is by injecting a derma fillers underneath the eyebrow, we can give support to the eyebrow to lift the eyebrow up. Usually 1/2 to 1 injection of product is required in this area. It also helps to soften the bony orbital rim around the eyebrows; it leads to a softer and more youthful appearance. Skeletonisation of the eyebrow is an ageing feature which changes with age, and by placing fillers on the bony rim we can softens this area and reduces any showing of the underlying skull.
  • One more method can be used to enhance the eyebrows, in that method derma fillers is used in the middle half of the upper lid/brow to help to reduce the apparent sag of the eyelids. Usually, upper eyelids droop from the outer first, and this makes the middle half look comparatively hollow. By filling the middle half of the brow/eyelid, this balances the appearance of the upper eyelid and reduces the apparent droop of the eyelid.