Breast Swelling Excision

It is very common for a female to have a mass (Lump) inside her breast. When it is in young age, mostly these lumps are benign, don’t turn out to be cancer and remain silent for years. They are known as Breast Fibro-adenoma. They neither resolve on its own nor respond to any medicine. Though, they may be cause of psychological embarrassment for you. Many a times, they become painful in course of time. Because of such various reasons, it is often necessary to excise (remove) them.

As it is concerned with female breasts and therefore with beauty, it is always advisable to remove with a technique to leave behind no visible scar or other cosmetic deformities in gland. Moreover, if not dissected with meticulous technique, there are chances of damaging surrounding breast glands.

If you are worried about lump in breast and want removal without any noticeable scar or deformity on your breasts, get advice of our cosmetic surgeon.

It is a painless day care procedure done under local anesthesia with light sedation. You can resume your routine activities from very next day.