Excision of lumps and bumps

Our skin and body is composed of variety of tissues essential for their work & health. Some tissue may proliferate in excess or some glands may secrete their secretions in excess to form benign swellings visible on skin, recognized as Lumps & Bumps on body. Some of them may be present since birth and either static or progressively increasing in size, while other may appear after trauma.

When they are on face or visible outside clothing, become matter of concern from aesthetic view. Their excision (removal) requires meticulous dissection to separate them from surrounding tissues and meticulous closure of overlying skin to leave behind least visible scar. There are chances of recurrence if not removed with meticulous technique.

We do all excision under magnification loupe (Carl Zeiss 4x) to give you best results with smallest and least visible scar. Our technique remains daycare & painless under local anesthesia with or without sedation.