Breast Reduction

Breasts are important focus of female aesthesis. A good sized & well shaped breast is certainly a best compliment to a woman.

Breasts change shape throughout life with development, pregnancy, lactation and aging. Size of breasts varies person to person, but sometimes one or both breast enlarges in size with or without sagging down. This leads to psychological embarrassment, sometimes socially not acceptable and may cause physical problems like pain, heaviness in breast and neck areas and bra-strap indentation. It also causes ill fitting of undergarments. All these can be corrected by Breast Reduction. These patients are happiest as it improves self confidence and leads to more active life style.

Breast is composed of two components – Fat (soft consistency) & Gland (nodular/firm consistency). All glands open in centre of breast- Nipple, which is surrounded by dark circle of skin known as Areola. Size of breast is not the only issue, but its shape and contour are also important along with position of nipple-areola complex. In breast reduction surgery, size, shape & position of all these components may need to be modified to make breasts beautiful. This is done by removal of excess breast tissues (fat & glands) along with repositioning of nipple-areola complex up in its original position. When areola is enlarged (which is quite common), it can be reduced to normal.

Large fally breasts can be reduced by Liposuction in one or two stages putting small key-hole incisions, but sometimes may aggravate sagging of breasts post operatively which ultimately requires breast lift procedure. For this reason, Breast Reduction by surgical removal and lifting of breast is more preferred aesthetically than reduction by Liposuction. We recommend Liposuction Reduction only in patients who don’t want any scar on her breast at all.