It is also known as Lipoplasty / Suction Lipectomy / Liposculpture.

Body curves are most important aesthetic features of a woman. Pregnancy, Weight gain and Aging break these curves destroying beauty of a female body. Even best performed dieting & exercises may not give you beautiful body curves in above mentioned conditions. This can be obtained with help of Liposuction permanently.

After childhood and growth phase, Number of Adipocytes (fat cells- storage depot for fat) is constant during whole life. With development of obesity, size of fat cells increases due to deposition of more and more fat. With help of dieting & exercise, some part of this storage fat reduces, but leaves behind residual fat deposits in some body areas (Thigh, Hips & Tummy most commonly), which doesn’t disappear with best dieting & exercise and can only be corrected by removing fat cells permanently.

Liposuction is procedure simply to improve body contour by removing excess fat cells / fat deposits lying between skin & muscle with help of fine metal cannulas through key hole incisions at hidden body parts / creases. During healing, these fat-empty tunnels collapse, shrink & results in improved body contour.

There is no age limitation, but person should be fit for surgery otherwise.

In large volume liposuction, when skin elasticity is less, skin tightening procedure may be combined along with it.

Liposuction is totally different entity than weight reduction / Bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgeries are performed on internal organs (stomach and intestines) by gastro surgeons, while Liposuction is performed on tissue layer above muscles (between skin & muscles) by Plastic Surgeons. Weight reduction after Liposuction is only moderate / few Kgs, but the fat removed is very strategic in body aesthetic contouring.


Liposuction is neither a substitute of life style modification (dieting & exercise) nor a method for excess weight loss.

Best candidates for Liposuction are moderately obese people with excess fat deposits in certain areas with good skin elasticity & realistic expectation, doing regular Dieting & Exercise.

Healing after procedure is a gradual process but recovery is best when you start moving around earliest. Some bruising & swelling on skin remains there which disappears gradually and most swelling resolves in 3-4 weeks, but final contour is visible after 4 months when swelling disappears completely. It takes around 10-15 days to start full activity and regular exercise.