Cosmetic Surgery

  • How I should select a cosmetic surgeon? Is there any degree / qualification required for it?


    Cosmetic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery. A qualified cosmetic surgeon is a person who has spent 3 years in training of general surgery (MS / DNB) after which has done super specialization in Plastic Surgery (M Ch OR DNB in plastic surgery). After finishing plastic surgery training, a doctor should have undergone a in-depth training of cosmetic surgery through fellow-ships.

    Now days, many doctors recognizes themselves as cosmetic surgeons. So, careful evaluation about his or her qualification is very important. Your awareness is the only biggest protection to you.

  • Which type of anaesthesia is used for cosmetic surgeries?


    Anesthesia is a very essential component of any cosmetic surgery to make you free of pain and apprehension. Different cosmetic procedures are being done under different type of anaesthesia based on type and extensiveness of surgery.

    Some small procedures can be done under local anaesthesia, making a particular area pain free keeping you awake.

    More extensive procedures can be done by sedation (giving sedative drug to induce sleep), regional anaesthesia (to make particular body region pain free) OR General Anaesthesia (Complete anaesthesia of body)

  • How many days I need to stay in hospital?


    It depends on procedure involved and anaesthesia used for it. Most of cosmetic procedures can be done as day care procedure or staying for 24 hours in hospital. Some major procedures need staying of 2-3 days maximum.

  • What are possible risks involved with any cosmetic surgery:


    Cosmetic surgery involves inherent risks which are involved with any surgical procedure (even if performed with utmost skill), like bleeding, infection, separation of womb, poor healing etc. Generally speaking, all those complications should be minimal if done by a qualified and well trained cosmetic surgeon.

    There are some special risk factors associated with a particular cosmetic surgery – you can get detailed information about these rare complications from our cosmetic surgeon.

  • How long results of cosmetic surgery last?


    Results of most of cosmetic surgeries are permanent, like Rhinoplasty, Hair transplantation, Gynecomastia, Scar surgery, Implant surgeries (Face, breast, butt & calf), dimple creation surgery etc. Results of skin tightening and body contouring surgeries lasts for a period of years but they gradually deteriorates after a period of 10-15 years as aging further progresses. Results of liposuction are permanent if lifestyle changes are exercised regularly.

  • Will the results of my surgery visible immediately after surgery?


    Cosmetic surgeries deal with live body tissues which follows certain biological principles. Healing of tissue is not an event but a process. It starts after surgery and go-on till around a year or more.

    But grossly speaking, results of all cosmetic surgeries are visible 203 months after surgery, which go-on improving further for period of a year or more.

    It is important to note that final result depends on tissue characteristics, nature of healing & technique of surgery. So the results are not absolutely predictable even in best hands.

  • When I can start my routine activities? / When I will get recovered?


    Depending on surgery, you can start / regain your routine activities after a couple of hours or days. But generally speaking, you should avoid sports / strenuous activities for few weeks (depending upon surgery). Ask our cosmetic surgeon about recovery after a particular procedure in advance and plan your activities accordingly.

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