Breast Surgery

  • What is ideal age for breast augmentation?


    It can be performed at any age – after 18 years age if one or both breasts are poorly developed. There is no maximum age limit for this procedure if patient is fit for surgery.

  • If I want to get pregnancy in future, should I undergo breast augmentation now?


    Breast implant doesn’t interfere with pregnancy or breast feeding. Only thing lactation comes is it loosens the firmness of breasts. You may need breast lift / firming procedure after completion of family.

  • Whom I should consult for my breast enlargement?


    Any plastic surgeon (M. Ch / DNB in plastic surgery) who has trained himself in cosmetic surgical procedures is qualified to perform breast enlargement.

  • Is there any risk of getting mammography after breast augmentation?


    Only thing of concern is Silicone implants imparts shadow on mammogram (which is used to detect breast cancer) and may hide presence of breast cancer.

    To prevent this, a mammography technician needs special technique and takes special views to detect cancer in implanted breasts. You should inform radiologists about presence of breast implant.

  • What is breast implant size for my breasts?


    Size of breasts you want is your personal decision. But size of implant to be put without problems need consideration of other factors like, size, shape of your breasts, quality of skin and breast tissue etc. So, you should tell surgeon your expectation and accordingly he will decide size of implant which is best yet safe for you.

  • Which are complications associated with breast implant surgery?


    Apart from bleeding & infection, an implant may lead to capsule formation & contracture, leak of silicone gel outside or loss of nipple sensation in small number of cases. Increased sensitivity of breasts / nipple. Last two problems usually recovers with time. Capsule formation & silicone leak if severe, may compel to remove implant.

  • How can I know whether I need breast lift procedure or not along with breast implant?


    if you have small saggy breasts after pregnancy, you may need a breast lift procedure along with implant out cosmetic surgeon will help you to decided whichever best for you.

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